100 Years of British Military Watches - Part 2

by Watson Morris 11.01.19

Watson Morris, our vintage expert, returns with part two of his 100 Years of Military Watches.  Read more

100 Years of British Military Watches - Part 1

by Watson Morris 23.10.18

There is probably no country with a greater variety of watches issued to its armed forces than Great Britain. In part one of 100 Years of British Military Watches, Watson Morris shares his passion and expertise.  Read more

Introducing our new team members

by Lewis Heath 23.10.18

We're delighted to welcome, a little belatedly, two new members to the team!  Read more

Hebridean Blue

by Lewis Heath 23.10.18

We named this enamel Hebridean Blue not because it’s reminiscent of a particular sea or sky, but more because of the calm, peaceful feeling this soft, almost chalky blue gives off  Read more

Movement Watch #1 - Grand Seiko

by Chris Roushias 23.10.18

In the first of our Movement Watch series, our watchmaker Chris takes a hands-on look at some of Grand Seiko's most impressive timepieces, including the Credor Fugaku in-house tourbillon.  Read more

Not Quite White

by Lewis Heath 23.08.18

18 whites to choose from, and we went with cream..  Read more

Typographic development of anOrdain

by Evan Gray 23.08.18

Inspirations behind the anOrdain typeface...  Read more

Choosing a Movement

by Lewis Heath 23.08.18

Our thinking behind choosing the Sellita SW200-1 to drive the Model 1.  Read more

Designing the Packaging

by Evan Gray 23.08.18

Exploring the packaging: from a very old boxmaker to a Florentine tannery!  Read more

Deep Blue Trouble

by Lewis Heath 23.08.18

Detailing the challenges involved in working with a particular translucent blue enamel.  Read more

Regional Variations in Enamel

by Lewis Heath 23.08.18

Looking at the differences between dial enamelling techniques in different countries.  Read more

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