Batch Production

In July 2021, we changed how we work from made-to-order to batch production.

We made this decision for several reasons.

First, as we’ve grown as a company, so have our order numbers. This increase has been incredible, and we deeply value the support of our customers - it's allowed us to develop in the way that we have.

But the handmade nature of our watches, combined with a small production team of four enamellers and four watchmakers, meant that our supply was beginning to fall behind demand.

As a result, waiting times for deliveries increased. Letting anyone down with late deliveries is something we take to heart, so the onus was on us to find a solution.

Additionally, here at anOrdain, we’re in the unique position where our production line is also our research and development department.

As we became busier and busier, we found we had increasingly less time to brainstorm new ideas and experiment with new techniques.

Our batch production system allows us to continue producing watches for you every month at a manageable capacity while also cutting down on delivery times and giving us enough time to work on exciting new projects.

We’ll release our watches in monthly batches throughout the year, with the models available rotating each month, so your preferred anOrdain timepiece is never too far away.

Announcements for each batch will be made one week in advance and, when available, the watches will be placed on our website. To receive advance release notifications straight to your inbox, sign up here.

Although we’ve altered our production system, how we make each anOrdain watch hasn’t changed one bit. We still design, cut, enamel, print and assemble every anOrdain timepiece individually by hand in our Glasgow studio.

We also still provide all of our post-purchase features, including custom engravings, preferred strap choice, confirmation of strap size and individual, in-house regulation of every watch to suit your specific wearing requirements.

Orders will be dispatched within 1-2 weeks. This is to allow time to complete engravings, customisations and any other individual requirements.

Please note that, due to our new production method, once you have placed your order, it cannot be exchanged for another colour. If there is any problem with your order, you may be eligible for a refund. We cannot accept requests to make additional individual watches.

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