Our base movements are the tried and tested Sellita SW 210-1 and ETA 2824-2. Directly modified both in and out-of-house to our exact specifications, our watch movements combine the accuracy, reliability and longevity of outsourced mechanisms with the personalised and custom allure of one built in-house – the best of both worlds.

ETA 2824-2 Movement

Bringing as much of the manufacturing process under one roof has always been the goal for anOrdain. We currently use two high-quality Swiss movements to ensure the highest levels of accuracy while maintaining affordability, but these also provide solid base movements to build on and develop.

Inside our Model 1 is the ETA 2824-2. A robust movement, the ETA 2824-2 is reliable and accurate. Produced in greater quantity than any other Swiss movement, it’s well known to watchmakers, and its parts are easy to come by.

The Model 2 features the Sellita SW 210-1. Another Swiss-made movement, the SW 210-1 is also known to watchmakers far and wide, making it easily serviceable. Its manual wind also ensures you interact with your watch on a near-daily basis, helping you to build a personal connection to your timepiece.

Sellita SW 210-1 Movement

Each movement is tailored to the needs of both anOrdain and the individual wearer. Our watchmakers personally remove the date ranges from the ETA 2824-2s when they arrive at the studio, converting the movement to a two-position crown. Meanwhile, we work closely with Sellita to build a movement entirely out-of-house in their factory that matches our exact specifications.

Working with such accurate and trusted movements allows us room to develop complications, create new functions and continually expand our expertise.

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