From natural goatskin to shell cordovan there’s a strap to suit everyone. All of our straps are made in Germany by a company which has been in business for over 70 years.

Shell Cordovan

Shell cordovan is an equine leather renowned for its unusual strength and durability. Its non-porous surface creates a smooth, lustrous appearance, whilst its unusual density means it will outlast other leathers, often improving with age. Our cordovan straps are handmade in a small tannery in southern Germany.

We recommend choosing this option if you favour a leather strap and want something that will withstand rigourous daily use.


A beutifully soft and rich textured leather. Our suede straps are handmade in a small tannery in southern Germany.

As suede is a naturally soft leather, it will wear more easiy than shell cordovan, however it is a great choice if you favour a leather strap with a soft, textured finish.

Pin Grain Kid

This rich mahogany kid skin is soft, supple yet hard wearing. The production of skins was a limited edition so this particular strap won’t be replenished, although we will introduce a new deep brown pin-grain in the future as it beautifully compliments many of the dials, especially the Midnight Green.

Horween Russian hatch

We sourced a hide of this Oxblood bovine leather from the famous Horween tannery in the USA and sent it to Germany to be made into straps.

Russian Hatch is different from other vegetable tanned leathers: this technique, which was practised in Russia for generations before the 1918 revolution, involves the addition of a layer of birch oil to the rear of the leather to act as a preservative.

A quality, long lasting cow leather normally found in high-end shoemaking.

Natural Goat

Goatskin was enormously popular until the 1950s for small leather goods, and for good reason. The skin is naturally soft, whilst being hardwearing and thin due to the tight weave of fibres.

The natural finish will take on character over time and develop a beautiful patina with wear.

Staib Milanese Mesh Bracelet

Staib have been making Milanese mesh jewellery and watch bracelets in Germany since 1922.

Given its exceptional build quality, we recommend choosing this option if you are looking for maximum endurance and longevity.