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About The Waiting List

How do I purchase an anOrdain watch?

Due to increased demand and the limited production of our enamel dials, we have implemented a waiting list for our enamel watches. This waiting list extends until 2027, and has now been capped. A register of interest has been opened, which is accessed via each product page.

The Model 1 Fabrik Collection, launched in Spring 2023, is available to purchase with lead times stated on each product page.

How do I know I'm on the waiting list?

If you have paid a reservation fee and secured a build slot for an enamel watch, this will be reflected when you log into your anOrdain account. If you do not have a build slot, you are not actively on the waiting list.

Can my position on the waiting list be reflected by my previous interest?

In the interest of fairness, we do not wish to tamper with the waiting list by adjusting anyone's position.

Is there a waiting list for the specific model I am interested in?

If you have a build slot, this does not tie you to any specific model;this is to provide you with more flexibility, as we plan to release many new and exciting watches. Everything which is available now will be available when you choose, unless we can’t make it due to external supply issues.

If you don’t have a build slot, you can register your interest in certain models using our Register of Interest.

Can I order more than one watch?

At the moment, we are limiting purchases to one watch per customer. This is so that we can decrease the overall waiting time for people further down the list.

When will anOrdain start producing watches again, or get more stock in?

Watches from our Fabrik Collection are in stock and available for purchase now, with lead times stated on each product page.

Production of our enamel watches is always ongoing, and we are continually working on orders at the top of our waiting list. Due to the length of our waiting list and the time it takes to craft each enamel dial, we don't expect to have stock available for immediate purchase for some time to come. You can learn more about the process of enamelling here.

How and when will I know when I can buy a watch?

Watches from our Fabrik Collection are in stock and available for purchase now, with lead times stated on each product page.

If you have a build slot for an enamel watch, you will be able to buy a watch within the stated time period of the slot. At this time, you will be able to select your chosen model and any personalisations, including movement choice, straps, regulation and engraving. The reservation fee you have already paid will be deducted from the total.

If you do not pay the remaining balance within the period set out in the email, you will forfeit your position on the waiting list and lose the amount paid for your reservation fee.

How much is an anOrdain watch?

Our prices currently range between £1600 and £3000, depending on the specific model.

If you have a build slot for an enamel watch, a portion of your order is already paid. Due to the length of the waiting list and the inflation risk, prices in our enamel range may rise before you pay the remaining balance for your watch. We’ll cap any price increase at a maximum of 5% per year, reviewing pricing in September of each year.

We will always be transparent with you regarding any price changes.

About The Watches

Do anOrdain watches come with a display caseback?

All of our current models are available only with a solid caseback.

How many layers of anti-reflective coating do anOrdain watches have?

Preexisting anOrdain watch crystals have six layers of anti-reflective coating solely to the underside of the crystal. Future models will feature a robust anti-reflective coating on both sides of the crystal.

Due to their highly polished finish, enamel dials are intrinsically more reflective than conventional lacquered ones, so there will always be a greater amount of reflection visible on our enamel models. We have experimented with coating the enamel itself, but have found this defaces the lustre of the dial.

Will anOrdain release new models and colours?

We are continually working on new model designs and with different enamels. It’s unlikely that additional colours will be added to existing collections. Please keep an eye on our newsletter to stay updated on new model releases.

When will anOrdain release the Model 3?

The Model 3 is in the final research and development stage, and we hope to introduce it to you very soon. We have revealed a few teasers of what's to come which you can find in our journal.

Where can I see an anOrdain watch in person?

We are happy to welcome visitors to our workshop by appointment. To arrange a visit, please contact the studio in advance.

You can also sign up to our mailing list and follow us on Instagram for announcements on upcoming trade shows where we occasionally showcase our collections.

What size are anOrdain watch cases?

Below you will find the sizing for our current range of watches, plus the new models included in the range from spring.

Model 1 Small: diameter: 35mm lug to lug 42.5mm
Model 1 Medium: diameter: 38mm, lug to lug: 46mm
Model 1 Large: diameter: 41mm, lug to lug 49.5mm

Model 1 Fumé Medium: diameter: 38mm, lug to lug: 46mm

Model 2 Medium: diameter: 36mm, lug to lug: 43mm
Model 2 Large: diameter: 39.5mm, lug to lug 46mm

Model 3 Small: diameter: 33mm, lug to lug: 38mm
Model 3 Large: diameter: 39mm, lug to lug: 46mm

What width are anOrdain watch straps?

Below are the strap widths for our current range of watches, plus the new models included in the range from spring. Most of our straps taper to the buckle, but some do not. For information on buckle sizes for specific straps, please get in touch.

Model 1 Small: 16mm
Model 1 Medium: 18mm
Model 1 Large: 20mm

Model 1 Fumé Medium: 18mm

Model 2 Medium: 18mm
Model 2 Large: 20mm

Model 3 Small: 16mm
Model 3 Large: 20mm

How water-resistant are anOrdain watches?

All of our steel watch cases are resistant to 5ATM, meaning that they are resistant to water up to a depth of 50 metres. Your watch can withstand splashes and is technically suitable for wear while showering or swimming. However, to avoid accidental knocks and the leather strap's longevity, we'd advise against wear in these instances.

About Personalisations

Which dial or strap should I choose?

We know that choosing the right colour for your watch can be difficult as it depends on personal preferences, intended use and current trends. If you're feeling stuck between different choices, please do get in touch, and we'll do our best to advise you.

Is it possible to order a custom watch or dial?

Our team is currently dealing with an unprecedented level of demand; thus, we cannot take on custom orders. This includes alternative dial colours, numerals, hands, case designs, or movement complications.

We can personalise your watch in other ways through caseback engraving, tailored regulation and various strap options.

What personalisations are available?

Engraving: We offer custom caseback engraving of either a text or a map location on all our watches.

Regulation: We regulate each watch to suit the wearer's specific habits, such as which wrist you will wear it on and how you will store it at night.

Straps: We have a wide range of leather straps available in various colours and lengths to suit your style and size. The Staib Milanese stainless steel bracelet may also be added to your order for a premium.

Letters: All watches come with a handwritten and personalised letter. If you intend to gift the watch and would like us to include a special message, please let us know.

Can I change or cancel my order once it has been placed?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email from Erlend or Keir confirming your order specifications, such as strap length, movement regulation and engraving references. If you wish to change your order in any way, you can do so in response to their email.

How do I know my strap size?

We recommend measuring your wrist to find the best fit for your strap. If you happen to be between two different sizes, please get in touch as we will be happy to assist.

To find out your strap size, please reference our Fitting Guide.

Can I get my watch engraved?

Yes, we offer free custom caseback engraving on all our watches, except in some instances, such as limited edition runs. Once you have chosen your watch, click on the edit button on the product page and select the type of engraving you want. We offer topographical and textual engravings.

After sending in your engraving request, our engineer Euan will draft up a proof for your approval before completing the engraving with a state of the art laser machine.

Can I change my engraving choice once I have placed my order?

If you have changed your mind about your engraving selection, you may specify your preferences in response to the email confirmation from Erlend or Keir. We will do our best to accommodate your request, though please notify us of the changes as soon as possible so as not to disrupt your order's schedule.

Once you have approved a proof your caseback will be engraved. Requests to alter an engraving after this stage will usually incur a fee.

About Payment and Shipping

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Shop Pay and bank transfer. If paying by bank transfer, Erlend or Keir will provide details once you have completed the checkout.

How long will it take to receive my order?

As we manufacture and assemble in-house, it may take some time for us to complete your order. When you place an order, we will send an email with details of your order's progress and an estimated delivery time.

How much does shipping cost?

We provide free worldwide shipping on all watch orders.

The shipping cost for straps orders is usually between £5 and £20, depending on your delivery location.

Do I need to pay a shipping cost for an additional strap order if I have bought a watch that is yet to be shipped?

If you have bought a watch from us and wish to add an additional strap to your order before it is shipped out, please purchase your selected strap or bracelet on the website. Once you have made the payment, we will manually refund you the strap shipping.

How can I track my order?

Orders will be dispatched as soon as complete and are delivered by FedEx. You will receive a tracking number via email once we have dispatched your order.

Was I charged VAT or Duty Fees on my purchase?

The prices listed on our website are not inclusive of VAT charges. If you are purchasing from within the UK, VAT will be added to the total sum payable at checkout.

For purchases made outside of the UK, local VAT charges and import duty fees may still apply. These rates depend on the country your order was placed in and imported into. This is usually administered directly by FedEx via a brokerage fee which covers any applicable import duties. As with tax or VAT charges, import fees are payable by the customer.

How will my watch arrive?

All of our watches are cushioned in leather travel cases which are handmade in Germany using leather sourced by us from a small tannery near Florence, suede internal linings and YKK zips.

We then place your order in an unmarked box and dispatch it via UPS or FedEx. If you look closely, the name 'AN ORDAIN LTD' is present on the label, so do keep this in mind if ordering as a gift.

Can I change my shipping address after placing my order?

If you need to amend your shipping address, please discuss this with Erlend or Keir in response to the confirmation email.

Where will my order ship from?

If you have purchased your watch from our website, we will ship directly from our studio in Glasgow (UK).

About Aftercare and Warranty

I have lost my proof of purchase. Can I still send my watch to anOrdain for a service?

Yes, we keep a record of serial numbers and ownership details

Where should I place or store my watch while not wearing it?

If purchased directly from anOrdain, we will likely have regulated your watch to your specification, optimising it for storage in a specific position at night - 'dial up', 'crown up' etc. If this isn't the case, then we advise the watch is kept in whichever position you prefer, as long as it's in a safe place!

We advise against the use of an automatic watch winder. In terms of service intervals and wear-and-tear, we believe an automatic winder is akin to keeping your car running on a rolling road rather than switched off in the garage at night; it’ll wear the parts down and drastically reduce the time between services.

I have received a broken/wrong order. Who do I contact?

If you have received an incorrect order, or your order arrives broken, then please get in touch with us at hello [at] anordain.com

Read our full Returns Policy here.

I have lost my receipt/proof of purchase. Is the warranty void?

If you've ordered from us directly, we will have your order details, and if it was from a retailer, please get in touch with them for a copy of your receipt.

My watch is now outside of its warranty. Can I still send it to anOrdain for servicing?

We recommend that you have the watch serviced with us, so please do.

Is my warranty void if I take my watch to a local jeweller for a service?

No, but if the watch shows signs of damage from improper servicing, this will invalidate the warranty. The movements we use are chosen in-part because they are easily serviced around the world, but they still need to be worked on by a competent watchmaker.

Read our Warranty Terms & Conditions here.

How do I install/remove my strap?

Our leather straps use quick release spring-bars to make it easier and faster to change straps. To remove the strap, place the watch facedown on a soft surface. Using your thumbnail, pull back the small metal pin protruding through the hole at the end of the strap. Once this is depressed, you can remove the strap. To install, place the end of the spring-bar furthest from the pin into the lug hole, pull back the pin, and then place the other end of the bar in the other lug hole before releasing the pin.

How long should my strap last?

Leather is a natural material, and longevity will depend on what it's subjected to; if worn often, or in hot or humid conditions, its lifespan will be shorter than if worn infrequently or in colder climates. Suede will not last as long as most bovine leathers, which will, in turn, generally be outlived by equine Shell Cordovan. Wiping down with a damp cloth occasionally and avoiding saltwater will help maintain your strap, as will the application of a good leather balm. As a very general rule, a well-worn strap will last for around a year.

What if I experience an allergic reaction?

Please do get in touch. All our straps are antiallergenic, and most of our cases and buckles are 316L-graded stainless steel with low nickel content, which is very unlikely to trigger any allergic reactions.

Are anOrdain products available in-store?

Due to increased demand and the limited production of our enamel dials, we have recently implemented a waiting list for purchases, meaning our watches are not currently available in-store or at stockists.

Can I visit the studio?

We are happy to now be able to welcome visitors to our workshop by appointment.

To arrange a visit, please contact the studio in advance. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9.30 am - 5.30 pm.

You can find us at:
anOrdain Limited
White Studios
62 Templeton Street
G40 1DA
United Kingdom

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