Waiting list terms and conditions

These terms and conditions set out the terms upon which An Ordain Limited (registered in Scotland under number SC538227) and having its registered office at 2/1 38 St Vincent Crescent, Glasgow G3 8NG (“we”, “us”, “our”) is operating a waiting list (the “Waiting List”) for the watch products which it produces (“Products”). 

  1. In order to have a place on the Waiting List, a customer (“you”) must pay to us a reservation fee of £250 (inclusive of any VAT) (“Reservation Fee”).  Such Reservation Fee must be paid within 30 days of our request to you to do so in the case of a customer who was on our existing waiting list as at 30 September 2022 (“Existing Customers”); and for all other customers the Reservation Fee must be paid at the time of applying to be on the Waiting List.  Your application will not be accepted until the Reservation Fee is paid.

  2. The Reservation Fee is a fee for being placed on the Waiting List and, accordingly, is non-refundable.

  3. For Existing Customers, if the Reservation Fee is not paid within 30 days of our request to do so being issued, your existing place on any waiting list will be revoked and will be treated as a new application to join the Waiting List.  If Existing Customers do pay the Reservation Fee within such 30 day period their current position on the current waiting list will be maintained ahead of new applications, but in respect of one Product only.  If they wish more than one Product they will require to make a new application (and pay the associated Reservation Fee) for each additional Product.

  4. A place on the Waiting List will allow you to place an Order, in due course, for one Product only. If you wish to order more than one Product, you will require to reserve one place on the Waiting List for each Product.  However if we become aware of anyone seeking a place on the Waiting List for non-genuine reasons or where we have reason to suspect that they are looking to hold the place for a third party, we reserve the right to cancel their place on the Waiting List and no refund will be issued.

  5. We do not provide any guidance or guarantee as to the length of period for which you will be on the Waiting List; but on application can advise your number on the Waiting List.

  6. Approximately 3 months before we expect you to reach the top of the Waiting List, we shall contact you by e-mail using the contact details you have provided to us to confirm if you wish to place an order for a Product.  It is your responsibility to ensure such contact details remain up to date.  Your order will require to be placed within one month of our contacting you and during that period we shall liaise with you to confirm the content of your order, which will be for one Product the type and customisation of which will be confirmed in your order.

  7. The price and other terms upon which the Product will be supplied will be our standard terms which apply at the time.  Reflecting the fact that each Product is manufactured to the customer’s requirements the price will be set by us at the time of your order. The terms of your order must be finalised within one month of our initially contacting you (or such longer period as we agree to allow you at our discretion), failing which we shall consider that you have rejected your right to place an order and you will cease to be on the Waiting List.

  8. You acknowledge that we cannot predict with any certainty the time by which any particular Product will be produced by us or the price for such Product given the change in costs of raw materials, labour and other production costs and also that each Product will be produced to your particular requirements to meet your order. You acknowledge that if you decide not to place an order within the timescale at (7) above or do not finalise the order during such period we may remove you from the Waiting List and you will require to apply to join it again and pay a new Reservation Fee.

  9. These terms and conditions are governed by Scottish law and you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.