Thermal hand bluing

The process of tempering steel calls on some of the skills our enamellers have already developed - working with high temperatures to precise timings - this made mastering the art of thermal bluing a natural next step. Luckily, our watchmaker is also well versed in the art, and was able to guide them through the learning process.

As heat is applied, steel will oxidise through a colour spectrum: from straw, through to brown and then purple, the metal will momentarily turn a rich, deep blue, before turning turquoise, and finally grey. The process lends steel parts a unique character that can not be matched with modern chemical processes.

In our studio, each hand for the new Model 1 is twice polished and individually tempered using the time-honoured method, slowly heating the hands over a bed of brass until a rich, even blue oxide has formed. This oxide will retain its finish for decades.

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We finish our hands to two colours in the spectrum - straw and deep blue. The two finishes are then each matched to the dial colour they best complement.