Hebridean Blue

October 23, 2018

We named this enamel Hebridean Blue not because it’s reminiscent of a particular sea or sky, but more because of the calm, peaceful feeling this soft, almost chalky blue gives off. Tranquil, like dusk on a Summer’s evening on one of the many beaches on the West Coast.

anOrdain Model 1 with Hebridean Blue dial

Originally, Hebridean Blue featured in the Model 1 launch lineup, but we pulled it out at the last minute to simplify the range. We’d made eight, originally printed in white, and they’d been forgotten about, hidden away on a shelf. Due to the waiting list we’re working through at the moment, we won’t have any stock to take to New York's Wind-up Watch Fair, so we’ve decided to build these 8 watches (this time printed with silver ink) as a special edition to take to the show.

anOrdain Model 1 with green suede strap and hebridean blue dial