Introducing the Revised Model 2

Apr 27, 2022

anOrdain steel watch hands on a bed of brass filings ready for thermal bluing

Medium Model 2 in Racing Green

We’re delighted to share the revised Model 2, our take on the classic field watch. Initially launched in 2019, this second iteration incorporates subtle changes while retaining the original’s contemporary elegance and robust functionality. With its rugged form and ultra-legible dial, the watch merges a spirit of adventure and the outdoors with aesthetic rigour and classic style.

Medium and Large Model 2 in Racing Green

Medium and Large Model 2 in Racing Green

Medium and Large

We have expanded the range to include a larger case size. Scaling the original 36mm design up to a heftier 39.5mm, the overall aesthetic remains the same, with rounded lugs, prominent crown protectors and a thick, curving bezel.

New Enamel Colours

Four new enamel colours give the piece a more grounded aesthetic reflective of its purpose as a watch for the great outdoors. The Model 2 comes in Racing Green and Flax with brushed case finishes, and White and Grey Haar, both with a polished case finish.


The combination of heat-treated steel and luminescent paint is so rarely seen in watchmaking, and perhaps we now know why! The hands are blued in-house and then sent to a Swiss manufacturer where lume is applied to the tips. As we cannot rework the hands after the lume is applied, the rejection rate is increased, but we hope you’ll agree that it’s well worth the trouble.

The Model 2 will be available through our general waiting list.