Introducing La Joux-Perret’s G100

By Chris Roussias

La Joux-Perret's G100 Movement

La Joux-Perret's G100 movement

Until recently, our watches have been offered with ETA and Sellita movements; for the Model 1 range, the perennially popular automatic 2824 and its Sellita equivalent, the SW200, and the 2801 and Sellita calibre SW210 manual-wind movements for the Model 2.

We’ve now introduced another movement to the mix: La Joux-Perret’s recently released automatic G100. This option will be available for Model 1 watches during the buying process.

La Joux-Perret is a well established Swiss movement manufacturer, who have been working with many of Switzerland’s most prestigious brands for many years. They’re also owned by Citizen, a large and well resourced Japanese company.

As watchmakers, we value the support our customers show us and recognise the importance of that support being reciprocated. Reflecting this, we offer a five-year warranty and regulate all watches to the wearer’s habits before they leave the workshop, in addition to sizing bracelets where applicable.

Chris Roussias at work

Chris Roussias at work

With the introduction of this new movement, we can further tailor our watches to different customer lifestyles and preferences. The G100 differs from our other offerings in one significant respect: at 68 hours, its ‘power reserve’ (how long the watch will continue to run when left unworn) is appreciably longer.

In real-world terms, this is a valued convenience for those who tend not to wear the watch over a weekend; for enthusiasts who wear different watches in their collection throughout the week; and for those who don’t use automatic watch winders through necessity or disinclination. The benefit here is that the watch will still be running within 68 hours of last wear, and there will be no need to set the time before buckling strap to wrist.

Sample Testing

We’ve had the opportunity to test the movement and have been impressed with its quality.

We were glad to see the balance cock equipped with Etachron stud and index pin in a further nod to accuracy. These allow the watchmaker to easily make fine adjustments to the balance spring while simultaneously monitoring changes introduced on a timegrapher. We routinely use this feature in the ETA and Sellita movements to reduce the difference in rate between positions, so it is a welcome sight in the G100.

Our testbed movement had an average daily rate of -2.5 seconds per day, with the following timing characteristics recorded one hour after full wind:

Orientation Rate (seconds/day)
Dial Up -1
Dial Down +1
Crown Up -5
Crown Down -3
Crown Left +2
Crown Right -9

The maximum deviation is 11 seconds per day, so this is a respectable delta and a good starting point to make adjustments from.

Kif style settings and springs provide shock resistance. The springs themselves are well made and, dare I say it, feel more robust than some incablocs that have crossed my bench!

Overall we are pleased with the performance and build quality of the G100. Encouragingly, LJP has confirmed they are happy to provide spare parts should we need them for future servicing - surely a consideration watch collectors will appreciate for future peace of mind.

Whichever movement you choose to suit preference and daily habits, your anOrdain watch comes with the aforementioned five-year warranty and an in-house team ready to service it into perpetuity.