Letters from Assynt – Issue Two

May 20, 2021

Issue 2 of anOrdain magazine Letters from Assynt

Issue 2 of Letters from Assynt

anOrdain launched the first issue of Letters from Assynt in October 2020. Released amid the pandemic, the magazine aimed to offer some respite from the enduring effects of lockdown living, its articles exploring the principles that shape anOrdain: Scotland, craft, design, heritage and horology. The first issue of Letters from Assynt reflected on anOrdain’s beginnings and sat poised in the communal moment of pausing to reflect.

Now, firmly in the spring of 2021, Letters from Assynt seeks to look forward. Coinciding with the upcoming launch of an exciting new project, which you can find out more about within the magazine, Issue Two of Letters of Assynt bears the subtitle 'The Movement Issue'.

Inside you will find an exploration of movement and its many meanings. From a historical dive into the escapement – the beating heart of mechanical watch movements – to literal and figurative interpretations of the word, movement permeates each page. So, what can you look forward to within the second issue?

First, get to know another member of the anOrdain team in our Meet the Maker segment. This time we talk to Sally Morrison, who tells us her journey from cheesemonger to master enamellist. Hannah Forsyth speaks to members of the anOrdain team to discover more about our signature dial colours, starting with an exploration of the deep, rich hues of the Parisian Blue, and, with the help of anOrdain watchmaker Chris Roussias, learns about thermally bluing steel - a process that takes the metal on a journey through a spectrum of colours.

Then, Eve Livingston examines what the past year has meant for dance and choreography, industries defined by their reliance on the movement of the human body and how a lack of geographical mobility has opened pathways for social and political motion. The malleability of time itself also comes under the spotlight in an exploration of the politicisation of time zones and the current debate surrounding daylight saving time.

Also inside Issue Two is the second instalment of anOrdain founder Lewis Heath's lockdown experiments. This time he delves into how to home cure fine meats, whilst enameller Nicky Faill provides the perfect pickled slaw recipe to add to any charcuterie plate or barbeque table. Additionally, we bring you all the latest updates from the studio.

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