The Model 1 has now been discontinued. Limiting production isn’t something we plan to do with the Model 2 or subsequent releases, but we wanted to revise and improve the design of our first model.

The second iteration of the Model 1 will share the same characteristics whilst incorporating new design ideas and production methods. Launch will be towards the end of this year, please sign up to our newsletter here and we’ll keep you posted.

Model 1 - Translucent Blue

There are two main types of enamel; opaque and transparent. The latter are used on silver generally because the temperature involved in firing will cause the copper dial to blacken and the end result is a murky, blotchy dial. For some reason this blue is an exception, and it has a beautiful depth of colour unlike anything else we’ve seen. It’s possibly the first single-colour dial in a translucent enamel.

The reason for it being so unusual may well be down to how difficult it is to make. When we begin working with a new colour it can take a week or so to familiarise ourselves with the particular characteristics of that enamel - time in the kiln, temperature, number of layers, sieving gauges etc. This blue has taken about six weeks, and whilst we can produce one dial per enameller per day on average, it can take a week to make one of these due to its propensity for failure, normally on the final firing!

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Sanding down a copper dial blank

Working with enamel

There is no other way of rendering colour which comes close to vitreous (or grand feu) enamel, nor is there another which simply won’t fade over time. It’s as difficult as it is rewarding and perhaps it was the challenge of mastering one of the great crafts of watchmaking, as much as the end product, which drew us to this ancient art.

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Sanding down a copper dial blank

Watch construction

The Model 1 is a simple watch. A three handed automatic in a 38mm polished steel case with a gentle double domed sapphire, showcasing the beautiful enamel dial at its core. Every part of the watch, with the exception of the movement, is completely bespoke.

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The Model 1 uses a Sellita SW200-1 with bespoke rotor
The Model 1 uses a Sellita SW200-1 with bespoke rotor

The Model 1 comes with a suede-lined leather carry case in one of four colours

Detailed specifications:

Case diameter

Lug to lug length

Case depth

Strap width

vitreous enamel on copper

Sellita SW200-1 with Incabloc

38mm diameter, 5 ATM, exhibition back Stainless steel, polished, hardened to 800 Vickers.

double dome with 6 layers of anti-reflective coating

made by Estima to our design

Italian shell cordovan or hypoallergenic suede, German made

Italian leather case, box and printed material made in UK

5 years

Production run
< 300

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