New releases and core models

When it comes to new releases, the next few years look very exciting. We’re constantly developing new products and techniques, both in-house and with a growing collection of partners in Switzerland. Over the coming years, you’ll see new work from us, some reaffirming our commitment to affordable watchmaking, some with the level of time and skill associated with our dials furnished throughout the watch, and many which will stand toe-to-toe with the finest offerings from our favourite Swiss indies.

Because of all these new models and the fact everything is made-to-order, it’s likely that some of our current range will be retired after 2027. To give some assurance, we’ve developed a list of watches below, which we wish to keep in production indefinitely. It’s not to say we’ll discontinue all the others, but we can’t promise to keep them all, either.

With this in mind, we’re introducing a survey for customers who have secured a build slot. We’ll use the information you give us to inform our future releases, allowing you to influence our direction.

anOrdain Core Models

This is our list of ‘evergreen’ models, which we wish to keep in production indefinitely. Models not on this list may be discontinued after 2027.

Model 1
Small, Medium and Large

Model 1 Fumé

Model 2
Medium and Large

Model 3