Model 1

Run Out Edition

The breadth of discoveries reached by accident just got a little broader when we stumbled upon a new type of enamel. An incredible effect and a fitting way to finish off the Model 1 series.

When an enamel dial is made the artist will work from a small pot of powder which has been siphoned off from the master batch. The remains of this pot are discarded into a jar in the studio when each dial is complete. As we near the end of Model 1 production, that jar has got pretty full.

Out of curiosity, one of our enamellers tried using this waste enamel on a dial, and the results were quite unexpected! The result is a cosmic explosion with a seemingly infinite depth. Made up of enamel from each Model 1 we’d made, it seemed a fitting dial to round off the series with. 8 will be produced and due to the nature of the source mixture, each will be slightly different.

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