Introducing our new team members

October 23, 2018

We're delighted to welcome, a little belatedly, two new members to the team!

One of the great challenges of being a small company manufacturing in-house is that you can't just place a bigger order with your manufacturing partner when demand is greater than expected. In our case we've been very fortunate to find two very talented individuals to join anOrdain full-time. Our watchmaker, Chris, is a Glaswegian with an encyclopedic knowledge of both watches and fountain pens, a meticulous nature and a (very!) steady hand. In his spare time, like no other watchmaker I've heard of, he likes to skydive and ride motorbikes. Sally is a jeweller with a degree from the Edinburgh College of Art, she's produced work for galleries and shows as well as having worked for in the fast paced film and TV world as an on-set jeweller. She's joined us an an enamelling apprentice and is learning quickly!

Sally at work

Sally is an experienced jewellery designer and silversmith and brings a wealth of experience from working in both academia and commercial work. 

Chris at work

Chris, possibly the only Watchmaker making watches in Scotland?