Production Update

January 11, 2019

If there’s one lesson from the months following launch, it’s that enamelling can’t be rushed! We’ve been very fortunate in having a full order book from the beginning, and even more so in having very patient customers, as the average waiting time is now around 6 weeks.  

Predicting how long an order will take has proven difficult as production of dials varies enormously week-to-week. There was a great fortnight where the three enamellers managed 16 dials, but that was followed by more baron patches; some weeks there’d be 1 or 2, and another week the pad printer broke two perfectly finished dials, negating the entire weeks’ work.

Experimenting for the Future

Since launch we’ve had our heads down, concentrating on manufacturing orders. This has thrown off the launch of our second watch, but we’re now allocating some time to the development and prototyping of this, and it’s looking very promising. Nicky has also been experimenting this week with new machinery and techniques and the results are exciting.