The Model 1 in Small, Medium and Large

Apr 27, 2022

anOrdain steel watch hands on a bed of brass filings ready for thermal bluing

Small, Medium and Large Model 1 in Iron Cream, Oxblood and Parisian Blue

We’re excited to release the new generation of the Model 1.

After the second iteration of the Model 1's release in 2020, our latest collection presents the latest step in our dress watch's design evolution, with three options from which to choose: the Small Model 1, the Medium Model 1 and the Large Model 1.

Large Model 1 in Parisian Blue

Large Model 1 in Parisian Blue

With case diameters of 35, 38 and 41mm, and lug-to-lug lengths of 42, 46 and 50mm, respectively, the latest iterations of our first watch mark both our smallest and largest case sizes yet.

At 35mm, the dimensions of the Small Model 1 are even more suited to its classic dress watch status, whilst the Medium Model 1, with its 38mm case, allows for the continued enjoyment of the original Model 1's proportions. At 41mm, the Large Model 1 answers the numerous and long-standing calls for a larger anOrdain model and provides amplified room for the dial’s elegant features to shine.

The Small, Medium and Large Model 1s will be available in four opaque enamel colourways: Parisian Blue, Iron Cream, Teal and Oxblood. While the Parisian Blue, Iron Cream and Teal follow on from our trusted original line-up, our latest Oxblood dial brings a new and luxurious depth of colour to the collection.

La Joux-Perret G100 movement detail

However, the design evolution of the Model 1 isn't limited to its external appearance - new movements also now power the Small, Medium and Large Model 1. Replacing the ETA 2824-2 in the Small Model 1 is the manual-wind Sellita SW210. With two additional jewels, the SW210 matches the ETA 2824-2 in its robustness and reliability. Taking a minimum of 23 turns of the crown to power, according to Sellita, the mechanical movement possesses an average power reserve of 42 hours.

The SW210 is also available with the Medium and Large Model 1, but our two larger models come with two additional options. For those who prefer their timepiece automatically powered, the Medium and Large Model 1s are also available with the Sellita SW200 or La Joux-Perret G100.

To learn more about the G100, head to our journal to read anOrdain head watchmaker Chris Roussias' analysis of the La Joux-Perret movement. Prices of the Medium and Large Model 1 will vary depending on the chosen movement and are still to be confirmed.

As usual, our in-house team of expert watchmakers will meticulously regulate every movement to suit the individual wearer.