Model 2 Brown Fumé

Aug 12, 2021

Introducing the Model 2 Brown Fumé – a special run-out edition of the original Model 2, and the last fumé dial of the collection.

Launched in 2019, the Model 2 is our take on the classic field watch, fusing a sense of the great outdoors with contemporary, elegant design.

With dial colours evoking the mysticism of the Scottish Highlands in both opaque and fumé enamel the Model 2 feels as at home on the summit of a Munro as at the office or dinner party. It’s a watch to wear all day, every day.

After two years, it feels like a natural time to say goodbye to the Model 2 - at least as you know it. We’re continuously working to develop and refine our watches and, with the Model 1 Fumé taking the position of a mesmerising dress watch, we have decided to really hone the outdoorsy field aesthetic of the Model 2.

So, to give the first iteration of the Model 2 the send-off it deserves, we are excited to announce one last parting gift – the Model 2 Brown Fumé.


The last in our collection of Model 2 Fumés and affectionately referred to as ‘Erlend’s Dial’ in the studio - in acknowledgement of studio manager and long-term champion of the colour brown, Erlend Firth - the Model 2 Brown Fumé presents echoes of ‘tropical dials’ within its opulent, copper hues.

The result of a mid-century manufacturing error, ‘tropical’ dials were initially black dials, finished in a coating intended to protect them from UV damage. Ironically, however, the protective layer ultimately had the opposite effect, causing the dials to fade over time to a warm, rippling caramel.

When the manufacturers discovered the error, production ceased while they rectified the problem. This means that there are a finite number of tropical dials in existence today and, as a result, are rather coveted items.

The rich, gradated tones of the Model 2 Brown Fumé are reminiscent of the tropical dial’s warm shades. And, although the creation of our dial has been very much intentional, it feels fitting for the last of our Model 2 Fumés to pay somewhat of a homage to the erroneous tropical dial. After all, here at anOrdain, we know a thing or two about inadvertent discoveries.

The scintillating gradient of the Brown Fumé creates a luxurious pool of sepia upon the wrist.

Rippling with the light, the brown dial transforms from rich mahogany to a warm, glistening resin, its lustre reminiscent of peat-infused burns running through the Scottish Highlands, a fine malt caught by the evening sun.

With 30 in total available, the Model 2 Brown Fumé is the last of the Model 2 collection, priced at £1600 +VAT ($2250).

The Model 2 Brown Fumé is available directly from our website or in-store at any of our retailers, stocking two each: James Porter & Son (Glasgow), The Armoury (Tribeca, NY & Landmark HK) and Roldorf & Co (Vancouver)

And for those fumé fans out there, have no fear. anOrdain fumé dials are still available in our Model 1 range.