The Model 2 OT: Edition
In Conversation with Andy Green and Felix Scholz

Aug 12, 2021

Announcing the Model 2 OT: Edition, the first edition of the latest iteration of our field watch, the Model 2. Designed and launched with OT: The Podcast the Model 2 OT: Edition is available in two bold colourways and offers a playful interpretation of the traditional field watch aesthetic.

Founded and hosted by two of Australia’s most respected watch journalists, Andy Green and Felix Scholz, OT: The Podcast, is a show all about watches, time and how to spend it.

First aired in April 2020, the podcast has since released over 100 episodes. Featuring guests from a wide array of professions and backgrounds, the show explores the watch world from a variety of perspectives.

Now, to mark the arrival of the revised iteration of our field watch, the Model 2, we are excited to announce the Model 2: OT Edition.

Designed and launched in collaboration with Felix, Andy and OT: The Podcast, the Model 2 OT: Edition marks many firsts for us here at anOrdain. With a 39.5mm brushed steel case, it’s our largest watch to date. It’s also the first time we’ve implemented the 3,6,9 dial design - a layout synonymous with traditional field watches (not to mention the inclusion of a marked minute track and the inverted triangle at 12).

But, while the layout may be traditional, the colour scheme is not. Available in a warm, mottled Pink and a subtle Off-white, the bright palette of both colourways brings a distinctly fun and contemporary aesthetic to the classical military design influence.

We spoke to Andy and Felix to find out more about them, the podcast and the inspiration behind the Model 2: OT Edition.

Andy Green

Andy Green

The Podcast

Andy and Felix, hello! To get started, tell us a bit about yourself: who you are, what you do and briefly how you got into watches?

Andy Green: I've been into watches for as long as I can remember. My interest started with G-shocks in my early teens and then escalated pretty quickly once I started working. Felix and I met not long after the inception of Time & Tide, where we both worked, and when watches became ‘work’ for me, the habit has worsened.

Felix Scholz: Like Andy, I’ve always appreciated watches. For me, it's always been the cultural and historical aspects that have drawn me to these objects. Even something as simple as the field watch - which the Model 2 is based on - has a rich story that stretches back over 100 years. This sort of thinking eventually led me to work as a watch writer, which I’ve been doing for over ten years now - not something I would have imagined when I was younger!

So, OT: The Podcast is all about watches, time and how to spend it, but it also covers a variety of other topics. What can someone who has never listened to the podcast expect to hear when they tune in?

AG: Watches are the zenith for most of our chats, which our range of guests reflects. We’ve had Olympians, world-famous musicians, comedians, actors and, of course, the best the watch world has to offer. Although they're all from different backgrounds, they all have one thing in common: a relationship with watches.

anOrdain's watchmaker Naïs working on a Schaublin 70 lathe

Felix Scholz

Initial Inspiration

Moving onto OT: x anOrdain... Talk us through how the collaboration came about. Why did anOrdain appeal to you?

AG: A few months after launching OT: we were chatting with Lewis trying to convince him to come on the show. We’ve always felt overwhelming support from anOrdain, and when Lewis loosely suggested we do a watch together, we pinned him to it.

What was the inspiration behind the watch?

AG: Felix was adamant that we dropped some field watch energy into the dial; I was adamant that we put as much pink and purple as possible.

FS: The inspiration really came from the Model 2 itself. What first drew me to the watch was how it took a pretty humble tool - the basic field watch - and elevated it to create something with relevance outwith military history.

With the OT: Edition, we’ve amped that up. We’ve obviously gone a little wild with the colours, but, on the other hand, we’ve accentuated the tool-watch elements, which is most apparent with the dial layout in that iconic 3,6,9 arrangement, but also with the minute track.

We don’t think anyone will be hiking through the Scottish Highlands or Australian bush wearing one, but if they wanted to, it’s certainly up to the task!

Design Details

What was important to include in the design?

FS:What was more important than all the watch-specific details was our want to keep it true to anOrdain’s vision of a field watch while also capturing the personality of OT: The Podcast.

So, we spent a lot of time considering how all the elements worked together. The enamel, the printing and even the strap had to be fun while remaining approachable and functional as a reliable everyday watch.

Compared to watches you’ve previously listed as your favourite timepieces, the anOrdain OT: dial is pretty paired back. Why did you opt for a more simple design? Was there anything specific you wanted to avoid?

FS:That’s a great question. I think we went into this with a very clear vision - we never wanted to just stick our logo on a dial. We knew we wanted colour and something different in the dial design - it was just a question of getting it right.

Initially, we thought about a ‘California’ dial layout, but it didn’t suit the typography. And ditto with the colours - there was a lot of back and forth about infinitesimally different shades.

How have you found the collaboration process?

FS:It’s been an eye-opener! Not only has everyone on the anOrdain team been so generous and open to our sometimes silly questions, but, as Andy and I work on the ‘consumer’ end of the watch business, it’s been great learning about the nitty-gritty of lume and enamel sourcing.

Final Thoughts

Your 'Watch Matchmaking' segment helps people find their perfect watch. Who do you feel the Model 2: OT Edition will attract?

AG: Well, we’re a little biased on these - and don’t like to recommend ‘hype' watches - but given the price point, ANY anOrdain would make for a great entry point, especially if you’re interested in digging around microbrands.

What do you hope people will get from the Model 2 OT: Edition?

AG: Honestly? A smile when they look down and see the pinky-purple vibes!

How can people listen/support the OT: The Podcast?

Find us where you get your podcasts! You can also:

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The Model 2 OT: Edition is available now and priced at £1250 + VAT.

Production on the Model 2 OT: Edition has already started and will continue until March 2022, when shipping of the watches will begin. For this limited edition, we are making 30 of each colour. Production will run alongside the making of our standard models, which will soon be available again in our revised ordering system.